Herbal Cigarettes for Smoking Cessation

Quit smoking using a completely natural method.

Nirdosh is a certified method for smoking cessation, which has helped thousand people aroud the world!


What is Nirdosh?

Nirdosh® herbal cigarette is a unique product, made by herbs, seeds and vegetal leaves. In a Nirdosh® have been syntetized 25 years of research, to develop a cigarette capable of substituting tobacco and, consequently, stop dependence from nicotine.

The chosing of ingredients is operated according to teachings of indian Ayurvedic Medicine, that can be translated as “life Science”. These cigarettes are more and more diffusing all over the world because they are an effective and natural alternative to hypnosis and other “hard” techniques used to cessate smoking.

All ingredients in Nirdosh® cigarettes are raw vegetal whit no added chemical treatements. This is a big quality gap if you think that an industrial tobacco cigarette contains methanol, arsenic, bleach, heavy metal e altre many other substances added for productive and commercial convenience.

Nirdosh® herbal mixture has been blended to have the most postive action on blood pressure, asthma, bronchitis, cardiovascular diseases. Nirdosh® cigarette is intended to satisfy the smoker’s desire any time he feels like smoking during the difficult time of getting rid of nicotine dependence.

Why it works?

Nirdosh® has been chosen by thousand people aroud the world as a method to stop smoking vice. Nirdosh®can gradually substitute your tobacco nicotine cigarettes.

Heavy smokers know well what would mean to suddendly quit smoking! Thanks to these herbal cigarettes, the passage is gradual and sustainable. Every cigarette substituted is a step, and each step is actually too little to be failed! Nirdosh® herbal blend has a natural relaxing effect that makes the lack of nicotine less perceiveable.

Thanks to Nirdosh®, you can stop assuming nicotine, the responsible of phisical dependence, without giving up gestures and behaviours such as aspiring and handle a cigarette, that could be important as stress balancing habits.

According to some scientific researches, smoking is an adult substitute for mother’s breast. This is even clearer when you think that human lungs and digestive apparatus are grown from the same embryo layer (endoderm), and have a similar function, in terms of reality, symolism, and inner experience. Those who were not satisfied with mother’s breast, are more likely to start smoking, and may prefer to stop this habit in a gentle and respectful way: Nirdosh® makes it possibile!

 the Nirdosh® Blend

as introduced in western countries by Lynpha Vitale:


Turmeric ingred5

Cinnamon ingred3



Carum ajowaningred2

Carnation ingred4

Bedellium ingred8


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