Nirdosh program for smoking cessation

“Nirdosh”, in sanskrit, it means “innocent”.

The concept at the base of the program to stop smoking thought by Nirdosh® is to gradually strengthen the wish of the smoker, eliminating the in partnership threats to the dependence of the smoke and helping the people to have a best life.

The Program is simple as easy to follow, and it consists of progressively introducing some cigarettes Nirdosh®, decreasing in egual proportion the number of cigarettes containing tobacco and nicotine. The Program is normally completed in 13 weeks.

For before thing you must have available the Nirdosh®: you can purchase them here.

You will start slowly, only 3 Nirdosh per day.

But you’re going to understand you can do better!

Resist: after two weeks, things will get simpler. That’s beacuse you’re going to touch th advantages of your choice.

Advice: smoke Nirdosh in the morning. The first cigarette should be a Nirdosh!

After a month, the number of Nirdosh could be equal to the number of tobacco cigarettes

Now, nicotine’s hold on you is losing strenght, it’s time to diminish the total number of cigarettes.

Breathing gets easier, lungs are clearly more free, you feel to breath better.

Advice: Keep out of places and situations that could cause you stress, or that could cause you to smoke one more cigarette!


After two months, you are not using normal cigarettes anymore. Your assumption of tobacco and nicotine has come to an end.  You have been very good, go on, you’re almost done.

Advice: Beware of alcohol and coffee, beacuse they are often bound to cigarette smoke. If you need something special, try and substitute them with sparkling water + lemon juice, or hot herbal infusions!


In the next weeks, you can just diminish the number of Nirdosh, gradually. 11th week: 3 Nirdosh per day. 12th week: 2 Nirdosh per day. 13th week: 1 Nirdosh per day. Boom! Dependence is dead, you’re still alive and breathing!

Suggestion: A best partner to this program is a healthy feeding. You may walk a lot, or even begin a new sporting activity if you can. You will remain surprised by the increase of your physical comfort and pleasure, and you will feel that psychological uneasiness is gone: partly because of your bodily dependence from the smoke has gone, partly because your will has strengthen and you are more in control of your life.

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