Frequently Asked Questions about Nirdosh beedies

F.A.Q. and more about Nirdosh®

Why a trademark?

Nirdosh® is the trademark registered by Herborea SRL to guarantee european quality standard for the raw material and through all the manifacturing process of our herbal beedies. As further assurance of our attention to your health, we have also registered Nirdosh® as a Medical device (class 1) in Italy. When you look for a method to quit smoking, do the right and safer choice, beware the imitations, and go straight to the core point: reinforce your will, do it for your health!

Smoking Nirdosh® is safe for the body?

Nirdosh® products are certified as a part of a method, that has been tested ad approved all around the world, that is not harmful for the body when used in its proper form and with the proper objective, which is to overcome tobacco dependency. This doesn’t mean that smoking a Nirdosh® is like breathing thin air. We encourage you not to smoke Nirdosh® just for the pleasure of it, because inhaling combustion smoke in general, can be harmful to your health. We can claim that using Nirdosh method would be far less harmful than continuing with your tobacco smoking habit, and will usually lead to a psychophisical condition in which you are finally able and most likely to choose to put an end to any kind of smoking. This is mainly achieved by gradually overcoming nicotine dependency.

Nirdosh® is a certified method because it makes you quit smoking for sure and in every case?

Not true. Nirdosh® is certified because has proved to be effective to overcome one’s tobacco dependency.  But even if we use the best ingredients, the last necessay ingredient has to be added by you: it is your will to stop smoking. This method is not as hard or challenging as others, but requires your will and attention to get a real achievement.

How long does it take to cease smoking with Nirdosh® method?

The average right amount of time to let an heavy smoker’s body develop the desired independence from cigarettes is about 14 weeks. Anyway, Nirdosh® is not an invasive technique, and needs no forced stages. It depends also on your needs and your motivational degree. The only required action is not to add a tobacco cigarette at the time of your daily routine that you have already switched to a Nirdosh®, as this would be plain wrong direction! You can find more information here.

Smoking beedies in public or at work is socially acceptable?

Some people think that smoking beedies in public would be less accepted than a tobacco cigarette! This is clearly wrong, and here are some reasons:

– Smoking normal tobacco cigarettes, people around you are exposed to the risk you chose to take in, knowing or not. With Nirdosh®, in spite of the gorgeous smoke, capable to satisfy even the most demnding smoker, nobody around you – your friends, your family, … – experience any danger to their health.

– Nirdosh® are well-proportioned, slim, and elegant. The idea that only cigarettes from a classic brand is cooler, for instance at work, is bound to a wrong social cognition, and we should help people get rid of it.

– By smoking Nirdosh®, we could even do some good. How? Maybe catching the attention of those who, like us, have a smoking habit, we could suggest them a way to quit smoking too!

Are there any side effects? Registration as a medical device, does not mean that the product has been tested by the same methods used for drugs, but only that it was assessed by comparing available data and reserches. Therefore we claim this product is not a cure, but a facility for your path towards health.
The process of Nirdosh evaluation, has led to the definition of some precautions, which are also written on the packaging:

– The use of Nirdosh LV must not exceed 3 months;
– Keep Nirdosh LV away from children;
– Do not use the Nirdosh LV during pregnancy;
– Nirdosh LV is to be used with caution for people with cardiovascular risk, who use them as a substitute for nicotine;
– Fire risk may be caused by poor handling of Nirdosh LV cigarette.

Another aspect that characterizes the medical device, and the definition of the modalities that lead to a useful and beneficial result. In our case, it was concluded that the medical device Nirdosh LV, compared with clinical data collected, can be considered safe, effective and reliable in performance, if manufactured in accordance to the Technical File (with ref. To 93 / 42 / EC as amended) and used according to the method provider by the Manufacturer Herborea SRL. The progressive replacement of tobacco cigarettes.

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