Nirdosh Beedies and Nirdosh Filter

Nirdosh Beedies e Nirdosh Filter

Nirdosh Beedies e Nirdosh Filter are two different ways to achieve the same result: reduce dependence from nicotine.

Nirdosh Beedies

“Nirdosh”, in sanskrit, means “innocent”.

This means the smoker doesn’t have to “pay” for its vice, but needs just some help to get rid of its habit, by his own means!
The base concept of  Nirdosh® method, is gradually reinforce the smoker’s will, eliminating the threats associated with tobacco dependence, and allowing them to choose a better life.

Nirdosh blend can minimize the effects associated with lack of nicotine, and give some sensorial stimula that can make you feel even better than after smoking a tobacco cigarette. The ingredients were chosen according to the teachings of Ayurvedic traditional medicine of India.

Nirdosh Filter

No paper. Nirdosh herbal blend, is rolled up in Tendu leaf. Tendu is a plant similar to eucaliptus. This plant, even when burned it releases some essential oils that fight the inflammation of oral cavity. Absence of refined paper, means less aldeidis e polinuclear compounds. The paper usually used for making cigarettes (herbal or tobacco), once lit up, releases at least eight chemical harmful substances.

No benzopyrene. This is a hydrocarbon substance added to the cigarette, to let it burn completely even without aspiring!

All ingredients in Nirdosh® cigarettes are raw vegetal whit no added chemicals. This is a big quality gap if you think that an industrial tobacco cigarette contains methanol, arsenic, bleach, heavy metal e altre many other substances added for productive and commercial convenience.

Nirdosh® herbal mixture has been blended to have the most postive action on blood pressure, asthma, bronchitis, cardiovascular diseases. Nirdosh® cigarette is intended to satisfy the smoker’s desire any time he feels like smoking, without getting tied to nicotine dependence.

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