(Ocimum Basilicum) : Popularly known and beloved spice. The word ‘basil’ it derives from the Greek word “basileus”, that means ‘king.’ From the sacred basil of India, through the sweet spicy basil of Thailand, to the aromatic basil of Egypt, to the unmatched basil of Liguria, this grass is abundant all over the world and is common in a lot of kitchens. The Saint Basilio (Ocimum sanctum) owes its name to India, where it is revered as a sacred plant. The Egyptians burned it mixed to the Myrrh to appease their deities.

This herb has very important health functions, particularly its ability to reduce the levels of sugar in the blood: it prevents the ulcers peptiche and other conditions correlated  to stress, as  hypertension. Together with tea, is used as antiemetic and against the colitis. Basil is also used for asthma, the treatment of the cold and to reduce fever, congestion and pain to the articulations. Thanks to its ability to calm the cutaneous affections, as antibacterial and as fungicide, the leaves of basil on the skin can effectively take care of the itch provoked by insect bites.