(Curcuma Longa) : Curcuma is diffusedly used both in the Chinese traditional medicine and in Ayurveda. In the first one, the state of illness is attributed to an interruption in the flow of the qi and to the unbalance in the strengths of yin and yang. Practices what meditation, massages, acupuncture and I don’t complete the use of medicinal grass as the Curcuma they try to help the recovery. The medicine Ayurvedica uses the same plant to help the digestion and the function of the liver, to assuage the pain caused by the arthritis and to regulate the menstrual flow. The product is used in rhizome (underground stems, popularly calls fingers). The rhizomes are desiccated and I taken for by oral in the form of dust or in capsules, tisane or extracted liquid. The Curcuma is also treated for becoming a paste, directly applied on the skin for the eczema and the recovery of the wounds.
Today, the Curcuma is used for situations such as heartburn, ulcers of the stomach and bilious calculations. This plant is also attracting the attention of the researchers for the results gotten in the prevention and in the treatment of the crab.